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Link of websites providing the list of universities

(accredited/blacklisted) with relevant details


Spartan Health Sciences University, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia






International American  University (IAU), Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia





American International Medical University




Atlantic University School of Medicine, Saint Lucia




College of Medicine and Health Sciences Destiny University, Saint Lucia




Washington Medical Sciences Institute, Saint Lucia




American University of Barbados, Barbados





University of West Indies, Barbados



Presently, none of the above universities is  accredited to the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP), which is mandatory.  However, these Universities

are recognized in Saint Lucia and Barbados, respectively.  The Spartan Health Sciences University, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia, has applied for accreditation to CAAM-HP.    To know the status of accreditation of the above universities with CAAM-HP, the following link of CAAM-HP may be accessed:





Indian Community/Students Associations’ link/contact details


No Indian Students Association exists in Saint Lucia and Barbados




Name and contact details of the officer in the Embassy/Consulate handling student related matter


Shri Sabya Sachi De,

Attache (Cons & Adm)

Tel: 00597-498344

Fax : 00597-4991106


Email :




Travel advisory for studebts (if any)


Travellers to Saint Lucia and Barbados do not need any specific health vaccinations.


All the students are advised to register online with the Embassy of India, Paramaribo at the following link:





Other important links


Saint Lucia:  Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development


Barbados: Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation


All Indian students in Saint Lucia and Barbados are advised to register in MADAD Student Module at the following link for centralized services offered by the Government of India




Useful documents/reports



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